Application of total synthetic cutting fluid KR-C9020G and CMS services in bearing industry


Customer name: A large bearing enterprise in Zhejiang
State of use: The bearing grinding machine, ultra precision machine, cleaning machine and so on,Mainly by domestic equipment.
 Challenges: Summer rust, workers' allergy, Abnormal consumption and cost remain high.
Major challenges: Rust and cost problems
Solution: Import long life KR-C9020G products and system CMS service system.

Effect evaluation: The customer is a fixed-point production enterprise supporting the steering bearings for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Germany Volkswagen, etc. The original use of American brand cutting liquid products, but also a variety of other complex chemicals, involving various types of quenching oil, cutting fluid / oil, cleaning agents, antirust agents, and so on, as many as 12 brands. On the one hand, the difficulty of product acceptance and use management is very difficult to detect quality fluctuations in time and effectively. On the other hand, there is a lack of process monitoring and inspection and maintenance in the use. The consumption of chemical raw fluid is huge, and the field waste is serious. Because of the reason of grinding fluid, workers in summer are extensively allergic. What's more, because of the grinding fluid factors, customers' frequent rust appeared after the processing in summer, which has not been improved after several adjustments.

In 2012, our customer used our KR-C9020G synthetic grinding fluid product. At the same time, we assisted chemical management service on site, that is to import CMS service system. In the use of cost, with the use of standardized significantly improved, consumption on demand, the cost has also been significantly controlled, the total cost of grinding liquid decreased by 7%. In the management of chemicals, it not only improves the shortage of quality inspection, but also forms a standardized process in the chemical service system, which provides a good auxiliary role for the scale of the customer and the transformation and upgrading.

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