To help China\'s passenger car manufacturers, the comprehensive operation cost will be reduced by 20%, and the cost will be saved by 2 million yuan.


Automobile passenger car manufacturers include MPV, SUV, sedan and new energy. The company has multiple vehicle coating production lines, and the pre design plant mainly adopts phosphating pretreatment technology. The latest design of painting production line complied with the requirements of national environmental protection. The company decided to apply environment-friendly phosphorus free silane pretreatment technology.

The company's new pre processing line is continuous dip through line, 40JPH, planning capacity of 300 thousand vehicles per year, the current production of more than 300 vehicles a day, the body of the workpiece material for cold plate mainly, a small amount of galvanized parts; in the use of CO products: KR-SC400 degreasing agent series products, KR-S210 silane nano ceramic series products to meet 1000 hours salt The single edge of fog is less than 2 millimeter corrosion resistance and other performance requirements.

The operation and maintenance cost of the pre treatment line has been greatly reduced since the product has been changed to use the product before the use of Kerun without phosphor silane. The silane trough does not need to reverse the trough. It avoids the trough once a month in the phosphating trough and the trough of each to two Monday times of the slots, which greatly reduces the control cost of the pretreatment.The company's assessment report said that the use of silane technology has greatly reduced the water consumption, and the cost of treating waste water per ton of silane is 90% lower than that of phosphating, which greatly reduces the cost of wastewater treatment in the pretreatment line, while the silane trough does not need to be heated to save the cost of energy consumption, and the cost of comprehensive operation is reduced by more than 20%. The cost of saving the year is about 2 million yuan.


The pre processing line equipment is designed according to the phosphating process. After the silane switching phosphating process, the equipment needs to be reformed and the field application process suitable for the equipment is formulated.


The transformation and process plan issued by Kerun is adopted. The company is using the dynamic data of the front line provided by Kerun to monitor SOP management services.


Since the technology of phosphorus free silane pretreatment is applied to the company, the company has greatly reduced the operation cost in the control of the painting pretreatment line. In addition, the timely and comprehensive pre-processing line dynamic data provided by Kerun is monitored in SOP management service, and it also lets the company sit back and relax.

4. Value

The carmaker said in the evaluation report that the cost of the operation and maintenance of the coating equipment was reduced by 20% and more than 2 million yuan per year.

Composite pretreatment technology of silane and nanoscale ceramics

Application:The technology has been widely recognized and recommended by many white household appliances and elevator manufacturers.

Powder coating industry:The electrophoretic coating industry of auto parts and chassis parts is recommended for KR-S210P series products, which can meet the requirements of multiple material blending processing.

Auto finishing industry:The technology can meet the customer's coating performance requirements, and greatly reduce the operation cost and management cost of the equipment.

Performance advantage:

Technology leading - the principle of the co - processing technology of the silane - nanoscale ceramic composite (hereinafter referred to as silane) is to improve the quality of the film by forming an orderly and dense three-dimensional network structure on the metal substrate. The formation of the film can effectively play the role of the bridge, on the one hand and the metal substrate to form a solid chemical bond, on the other hand, the effective combination with the coating; the maximum degree of corrosion corrosion medium to avoid corrosion of the substrate, enhance corrosion resistance. Product features: both inorganic and organic components have certain functions, which can enhance the stability of the product, improve the corrosion resistance, enhance the self repair of the film, and improve the matching of the coating and so on.

The stability of the groove liquid - the stability of the product and the bath liquid is the problem that the pretreatment products must pay attention to. Through the effective integration of the formula and process, there is no need for too many additives and no frequent adjustment in the field. It can realize the effective control of the related ions of the slot liquid, ensure the long-term stable operation of the slot liquid and reduce the site. The difficulty of control.

Environmental protection and economic advantages - silane technology has no phosphating slag, no heavy metal, low BOD/COD, traditional phosphating process of wastewater treatment process is complex, the content of phosphorus in the treated wastewater should be strictly controlled, otherwise the environment will be polluted easily, and the amount of phosphating residue is large after the filtration and waste water treatment in the production period. Not easy to deal with, it is necessary to spend extra cost to find a qualified company to deal with; after the conversion to the product, the operation and maintenance cost of the pretreatment line is greatly reduced, and the silane trough does not need to reverse the trough, avoiding the trough of the phosphating trough once a month, and the trough of each to two Monday times of the slots. The cost of control for the pretreatment was reduced; the amount of water used after the use of silane was greatly reduced, and the cost of treating waste water per ton of silane was reduced by 90% than that of phosphating. The cost of wastewater treatment in the pretreatment line was greatly reduced. At the same time, the cost of energy consumption was saved by the silane tank without heating, and the cost of comprehensive operation was reduced by more than 20%. . With the increasing demand for environmental protection in China, phosphorus free pre-treatment technology instead of traditional phosphating products is a green revolution and an inevitable trend.


Technical specification for project

The coating performance of the non phosphorus pretreatment can satisfy the customers' acid resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance, salt spray resistance and other performance requirements.

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